Buffalo Foodies: Andy Williams

photographer: Casey Lee (i think)

I’m super pumped to introduce today’s Buffalo Foodie: Andy Williams.  Andy is a guitarist and founding member of one of my favorite bands in the world, Buffalo’s own Every Time I Die.  I’m not even kidding, I honestly love this band.  Since the first time that I listened to Hot Damn, back in 2003, I’ve been hooked.  Last year the band just released their 5th album, their first on their new record label Epitaph,  New Junk Aesthetic.  They just finished touring as one of the headlining bands on this year’s Warped Tour and they are currently taking a break before they head out to Europe in September.

I was fortunate to get ahold of Andy on twitter and here’s what he had to say about his favorite foods in Buffalo….




What are your favorite restaurants to eat at in Buffalo?


Andy: I really like Teds Hot Dogs, Fuji Grill, Hucklebuckets, Suzy Q’s BBQ Shack and of course Nestor’s in North Tonawanda.

Where do you like to go to grab a drink at night or hang out with some friends?

Andy: Haha, I’m not a drinker, but I do like milkshakes and Nestors has the best milkshakes in the WNY area. But as it goes for bars, probably The Old Pink in Buffalo. It’s a dive and that’s what makes it great.

If you had a friend visiting from out of town, where would you go to show them a good time in Buffalo?

Andy: I try and always take people to Suzy Q’s.  Usually people from out of town always want wings, though, and they always want Anchor Bar. I usually just take them to my house and order Wurlizer Pizza in North Tonawanda for wings. Best wings in Buffalo. Bold statement, Iknow, but no one can touch them and they have a real pride in their wings. I’ve never been disappointed. Try it and see if I’m lying. (Don’s edit: I will definitely try them in the near future)

As a native WNY-er, what kinds of food did you grow up on?

Andy: Jeez, ummm grilled food. I think for some reason the locals of this area realize how important grilling is. Shit, we have Teds. Probably the only place that actually grills their hot dogs. Hot dogs outside of buffalo are just awful. I love how grilling is very important to this area. I think Buffalonians understand home cooking and a lot of the stuff Buffalo is known for was made up at home. I think thats amazing; that makes me proud.

Since you’ve traveled all over the place, is there anything (food wise) that you wish Buffalo had more of?

Andy: Haha this is going to be so disappointing…Del Taco in California and surrounding areas. It’s just a fast food taco joint. But it’s soo much better than taco bell and its cheap when you’re on tour with a budget. I mean, being from buffalo, Mighty Taco is perfect. But if I could bring in a rival, it would be Del Taco. Also I wish Buffalo had a place that was just a giant salad bar. I love salad bars, we need that! I don’t know if there actually is a place like that, but Buffalo would be awesome with it!! hahahaha.


I’d like to give a big thank you to Andy for answering our questions; as I said, I’m a huge Every Time I Die fan and was ecstatic when I saw his respond on twitter.  I high encourage everyone to check out Every Time I Die’s website, see when they’re coming into Buffalo next and then GO! Also if you want to follow Andy, follow him on twitter here.  A couple weeks ago the band started a posting a weekly web series on Van’s website called Shit Happens: The Series.  It’s pretty hilarious and you should catch up and watch all of them or you can pre order it’s release on DVD (coming out October 26th).


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