Talkin’ Bout Food: Our Guide to the Best Food Podcasts

When I started Eat It Up earlier this year, it was because I’ve been obsessed with podcasts since I started listening to Bill Simmons’ BS Report back in 2007.  Over time I’ve listened to podcasts that focused on video games, movies, comedians and eventually food once when I started Buffalo Eats and jumped head first into the foodie world.  Unfortunately, you have to do some serious work when trying to find the good food podcasts out there.  The following list is what I think are some of the best; each one has it’s own audience and tone.  If I missed anything, please comment below and tell me about it.  I’m always looking for something new to listen to while at work.

  • WebsiteiTunes
  • Hosts: Matthew Amster-Burton, Molly Wizenberg
  • Description: For each episode of Spilled Milk, hosts Matthew and Molly talk about their favorite techniques, memories and ideas about cooking one particular dish.  Very similar to The Sporkful (see below), Spilled Milk is a fun, light conversation about the hosts favorite foods.  Occasionally, they’ll give tips about improving recipes and normally will post a link to a recipe they recently tried.  (image from Spilled Milk)
  • Average Episode: Biweekly episodes (no real schedule), 15-17 minutes
  • Who Will Like This? People who simply enjoy eating and would like new ideas for cooking at home.

  • WebsiteiTunes
  • Host: Linda Pelaccio
  • Description: A Taste of the Past is probably the most educational food podcast on the list and, like my podcast, the entire episode is one large interview with guest(s).  In each episode Linda will talk to authors, scholars and travelers about various topics (Taiwanese cuisine, Truffles) to educate listeners on a cuisine or even a specific food. (image from Heritage Radio Network)
  • Average Episode: Weekly episodes on Thursdays, 28-35 minutes
  • Who Will Like This? People who want to learn about the history of food from an educational standpoint.

  • WebsiteiTunes
  • Hosts: Dan Pashman, Mark Garrison
  • Description: Their motto is “it’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters”.  Former NPR Co-workers Dan and Mark discuss a different food/dish every episode and what exactly they love about the food and how it’s possible to make it even better.  They don’t argue about authenticity or what’s “proper”, they simply are fans of eating and love having passionate discussions about food.  Their discussions almost venture into OCD territory, on a recent episode they broke down ‘Candy Bar Eating Techniques’ but they managed to keep the conversation light and entertaining.  Occasionally they will have a guest appear on the podcast; past guests have included Marc Maron, Rachel Maddow and Jesse Thorn.  (images from The Sporkful)
  • Average Episode: Weekly episodes on Tuesdays, 18-23 minutes
  • Who Will Like This? People who enjoy food but absolutely hate pretentious foodies, looking for food discussions with a little humor.

  • WebsiteiTunes
  • Host: Lynne Rossetto Kasper
  • Description: The Splendid Table is probably the most popular food podcast on the internet.  The show is generally broken up into a couple parts, the beginning of the show will featured guests who will talk about a topical food issue, are experts in a certain field or have new book/movie coming out.  Then Jane and Michael Stern (the creators of will come on the show and tell you about a recent restaurant they visited–they generally covered ‘blue collar’ restaurants (places you’d find on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives).  The final portion of the show is devoted to people calling asking Lynne for suggestions on either new recipes or asking how to spice up their current one, Lynne wrote The Splendid Table in 1993 which won the James Beard Award for Best Cookbook. (images from the Splendid Table)
  • Average Episode: Weekly episodes on Fridays, 50-52 minutes
  • Who Will Like This? People who love cooking and want to get new ideas for recipes and who want to keep in touch with the latest in food news and notable cookbook releases.  People who want to learn more about the food they eat and cook.

  • WebsiteiTunes
  • Host:Evan Kleiman
  • Description: The Good Food episodes usually start with a report about what’s new at the Santa Monica Farmers Market (only about 5 minutes long).  Sure it’s not that exciting for Buffalo-ians but there’s a good chance you’ll hear about a new fruit/vegetable that you’ll want to try.  Similar to The Splendid Table, every week Evan Kleiman talks to guests about a wide array of food topics and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll discover something new every episode.  The episode ends with Jonathan Gold giving a recommendation to a good Los Angeles restaurant (usually a small restaurant serving an ethnic cuisine) and educating the listeners about various cuisines and specific dishes.  (images from KCRW)
  • Average Episode: Weekly episodes on Saturday, 56-58 minutes
  • Who Will Like This? People who live in Los Angeles (obviously) but also people who want to learn about important topics that are affecting the food industry (restaurants, farms, shopping, etc).

Honorable Mentions:

  • Food Programme – From the BBC, the Food Programme will talk about various food issues/trends in the news.  It’s usually incredibly informative and includes a combination of news and education.  However the podcast is also very dry and often I tend to tune out if I’m working on something else but if you can really focus and listen and enjoy British accents then you’ll really enjoy it.
  • Eat Feed – One of the earliest food podcasts ever published (started in 2005 by Anne Bramley).  The format of the podcast can vary from episode to episode, on recent episodes she’s looked at an Apple from four different angels (historical, sociological, botanical and political) and on another she interviewed her family about food’s place in the family.  The tone of the podcast and structure of interviews is very similar to NPR’s This American Life, however their irregular posting schedule (only 9 episodes released since May 2010) pushed this podcast to Honorable Mention status.
  • Edible Radio – The podcast from the Edible magazine covers a bunch of topics and interviews guests who are impacting various local communities with their food, studies, etc.  There are several hosts, each with their own specialty.  Victual Reality with Tom Philpott (food politics), Smart Food with Jane Black (trends news), Blue Plate Special with Kurt Michael Friese (trends, chefs), The Drink Tank with Gibson Thomas (wine, liquor) and Kitchen Sync with Kate Manchester (authors, filmmakers).
  • Salt & Fat – A very new podcast featuring Neven Mrgan and Jim Ray, only 5 episodes in their topics mainly focus on cooking at home and providing tips to the amateur home cook.
  • The Restaurant Guys – Hosted by Mark Pascal and Francis Schott, owners of Stage Left Restaurant and have been described as “Car Talk for Food”.  They’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in the restaurant world, talking to Gabrielle Hamilton, Eric Ripert and Michael Ruhlman.  Each episode revolves around interviewing either a restaurant owner, chef or authors.

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One Comment on “Talkin’ Bout Food: Our Guide to the Best Food Podcasts”

  1. January 21, 2013 at 10:10 pm #

    The Splendid Table is a great show…and in a similar style please check out The Food Schmooze, Faith Middleton’s Show out of Ct and Eastern Long Island.

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