Buffalo Foodies: Mic Excel

Mic Excel

Our friends at BuffaBLOG are throwing their 2nd Annual Holiday Party on December 15th at DBGB’s and their lineup this year is pretty fantastic. Since we’re big fans of several of the acts ourselves, we decided to a little collaboration and run a couple Buffalo Foodie articles with the Buffalo bands that are performing at the show. Additionally, our podcasts leading up to the show will also feature music from the featured bands, so check those out too!

This week we’re featuring Mic Excel who will be performing with Dr. Ooo at the BuffaBLOG Holiday Party and is our last featured artist. Mic Excel is another popular local MC who’s part of the Essential Vitamins Crew. Back in March of this year, Mic Excel released his debut solo album The FML Chronicles I: Flat Black. You can currently pick it up on Bandcamp (name your own price!) or check out the awesome music video for “Gingerbread Cookies” on YouTube. Here’s what he had to say about some of his favorite places to eat in Buffalo…

Right now, whats your favorite place to eat?

Mic Excel: First off people, I’m not the biggest eater and I have trouble hiding it. But for the greater part of last year I lived on Elmwood near Bird. I have to say that just because it was a rocks throw away from Vasilis Express, which I’ve become highly addicted to. Fast and proper. I hate waiting around or talking to waitresses or constantly being checked up on. If you are anything like the socially awkward person I am, keep your hands in your pockets and order a Smokey Mountain Burger. You will be back for more. Plus you gotta keep it Greek. Nostimo or something. Now If you want to sit down and go through all that…jazz….my little brother Mitch turned me on to this spot called Boomerangs on Niagara st. I have passed this place hundreds of times and never thought to investigate. Small seating area, locally owned and the menu is all over the place so it will cater to your needs…boom. I’m into it.

What are some food memories from your childhood?

Mic Excel: NICKS PLACE!! I lived in North Buffalo growing up and me and my pops would always go in and eat. Best Breakfast in the city hands down. Great family owned and operated business, all the faces become familiar and if you frequent as much as I do, you say hello to Pete when you walk in. Their previous location used to be at the corner of my street, so it has a nostalgic effect on me. My friends would agree, if you don’t like Nicks our friendship isn’t meant to be.

What type of restaurant would you like to see in Buffalo?

Mic Excel: I thought a lot about this question and all I have to say is I want a Dinosaur and not a T-rex (bad joke. hah). I am however so serious about Dinosaur BBQ. Any chance I get to stop by while I’m in the ROC I do. AMAZING FOOD DUDE! I want it here and now!


We’d like to thank Mic Excel for taking time to answer our questions, we highly suggest you check out his album or atleast following him on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget that this Saturday (December 15th) you’ll be able to see Mic Excel, Dr. Ooo, Lazlo Hollyfeld and Well Worn Boot at DBGB’s for just $5. Do it!


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