The Inside Scoop: White Christmas and Peppermint Stick Ice Cream by Perry’s


A couple weeks ago we received our second Perry’s Ice Cream care package in the mail. This time they sent us two of their winter/holiday releases, their Peppermint Stick and White Christmas Premium Ice Cream flavors. Like my last ice cream tasting, I decided to bring them into work to have an impromptu ice cream party.

I knew that Peppermint Stick had somewhat of a devoted following in Buffalo but I had no idea how devoted until I watched the reaction of some of my co-workers when I showed them the package. One co-worker in particular told me that every year her mother looks on a regular basis for the flavor on the shelves and buys a container just for her. I somehow have went 28 years without trying the flavor, so I was excited to try it out and see what the hype was all about.


It goes without saying that you’ll have to be a fan of mint to like either of these flavors, the mint isn’t overwhelmingly but its definitely the predominate flavor in each. Luckily I am a diehard mint and chocolate chip ice cream fan and had no problem eating either ice cream. Both flavors had a very creamy texture with a milky/sweet base. I was surprised at how soft and delicate the peppermint candies were in the Peppermint Stick. I was nervous that I’d be having to chew and bite down on frozen pieces of candy cane, but these were little shavings that almost melted away in your mouth. The White Christmas didn’t have as big of a reaction out of my co-workers, the ice cream itself tasted pretty similiar but the pieces had a more subtle mint flavor and gave each mouthful more of a crunch. The green stripes in the ice cream were a neat visual trick and I’m sure any child would get a kick out of that.

It was a pretty delicious break from work and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, one co-worker in fact was very excited to take home the remaining ice cream to her family.

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