2012: Year Four Wrap-Up


Since 2009, every year we’ve posted a recap that covered the growth of the website, our favorite moments and some stats for the nerds out there. You can read out our previous year end posts from 2009, 2010 and 2011.

I sound like a broken record at this point, but this last year for Buffalo Eats was amazing. In 2011 (our third year) we took several leaps forward in our growth; doubling our audience and getting to know some of Buffalo’s important culinary figures. I thought that we had hit our peak and was completely content staying at a certain level. But with all due respect to last year, it doesn’t compare to what happened with Buffalo Eats this year.

In 2010 we were excited to hit 100,000 views in a year, the following year we couldn’t believe that we crossed the 200,000 mark. This year we crossed 430,000 views for 2012 alone, that’s more visitors this year then all of 2009, 2010 and 2011 combined. Our increased traffic was due to several factors, but one of the most important was our dedication to increasing our content this year. When we went into 2012, our goal was to try and put as much effort into the blog as possible. We ended up posting 312 articles (not including this post), that’s 119 articles more then our 2nd busiest year (2011, 192 articles).

After thinking about the idea for several months, we unveiled our podcast Eat It Up this year in January. We posted 50 episodes this year, interviewing local chefs, writers, restaurant owners and other important figures in Western New York’s culinary scene. The experiences have been amazing, simply getting a chance to sit and talk with incredibly talented people has been inspiring. We hope to continue the podcast through 2013 and share more stories and conversations with talented people in WNY’s food scene. We also started a new feature called Sunday Reading, which has been more popular then I could have imagined and brought life to our previously slow weekends. That feature will be continued next year as well.

This year both Alli and myself were invited to judge various food competitions. I was lucky enough to judge 7 events: Soupfest, a Chili Cook-off at Winterfest, the Taste of Buffalo (along with two Nickel City Chef side competitions), the Bacon, Beer and Boobs festival and Match Two of Nickel City Firing Line. Alli got her first taste of food judging at the first ever Nickel City Chef Cupcake Challenge and nearly OD-ed on sugar. In February I was asked to be on a panel for Social Media Club of Buffalo’s “Buffalo Web Foodies” event, talking along side Christa Glennie Seychew, Beth Manos Brickey and Deb Clark.

In May, I was on a panel of ‘food experts’ to help decide what are “Western New York’s 10 Favorite Restaurants.” The 10 part series was aired on WGRZ for two weeks and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I can’t thank John Beard and Patrick Klinick enough for asking me to be a part of that group. That same month we were nominated for Best Blog in Buffalo by Artvoice, I appeared on another episode of BuffaBLOG Radio and we gave away over $475 worth of stuff in our 1st Annual Buffalo Eats Awesomesause Giveaway. It was a pretty awesome month.

In July we decided to sell a limited edition Buffalo Eats T-Shirt (using a logo that I have tattooed on my arm) and ended up selling about 100+, they were made by our friend Adam at My Buffalo Shirt and looked fantastic. Look for some more Buffalo Eats merch next year. In October, the blog was named “Buffalo’s Best Food Blog” by Lisa Khoury in the UB Spectrum; in the article we received some very kind words from Chef Mike Andrzejewski and former Bertha’s Diner owner Ken Kerr. The following month I appeared in Buffalo Spree’s Cheap Eats issue and gave them my five favorite cheap eats restaurants and even did a photo shoot with KC Kratt at Nine Eleven Tavern. The article was a big hit with my family and friends and there is currently a framed copy hanging in my kitchen.

2012 was an incredibly busy year but also a very rewarding year. We had some amazing meals, made new friends, dined in some fantastic cities and took Buffalo Eats as far as we could. That said, 2013 won’t see another 300 posts. Alli and I are planning on taking a small step back and will try to be more selective on what restaurants we visit and how much time we devote to this blog. We both have full time non-food related jobs and want to be a little smarter with our cash (we don’t make any money off this blog, its all out of our own pockets). That doesn’t mean the blog is ending, no no, just don’t expect a post every day of the week. It’s been almost four years since we started this website and we have several restaurants that we’d love to re-visit in 2013 and plan on doing a lot of traveling. We hope to continue to encourage WNYers to step out of their comfort zones and try new restaurants and cuisines. We also hope to continue to highlight the new restaurants and chefs that are slowly popping up around town. More importantly, we hope to continue to expand on our own food knowledge and experiences, both inside and outside of WNY, and share everything with our readers. As much as we love our hometown, we’ve realized in these last few years that there is a lot beyond our city that we want to, and need to, explore.

All of that said, I can’t thank our readers/fans enough for the last four years. Without your support and kind words, we probably would have retired long ago. I don’t know what 2013 will bring or how long we’ll continue this blog, but this last year was so much fun that it justified every minute and dollar we’ve spent on the site since February 13th, 2009. See you on the flip side.

Top Five Most Viewed Food Porns for 2012 (only 2012 articles)

  1. Mike A at the Hotel Lafayette (6/18/12)
  2. The Liberty Hound (6/27/12)
  3. Remington Tavern (8/16/12)
  4. Break’n Eggs Creperie (10/1/12)
  5. Kaydara Noodle Bar (8/29/12)

Top Five Most View Food Porns for 2012 (all articles)

  1. Five Guys Burger & Fries (7/12/10)
  2. Mike A at the Hotel Lafayette (6/18/12)
  3. Grover’s Bar and Grill (11/18/09)
  4. The Liberty Hound (6/27/12)
  5. Remington Tavern (8/16/12)

Some Facts about 2012:

  • Our busiest day was September 30th, which also set the record for our busiest day ever.
  • Our busiest month was October, which also was our busiest month of all time.
  • Total Posts for 2012: 311 (2009: 184, 2010: 178, 2011: 192)
  • Our twitter account gained 1,875 followers this year, bringing our total to 5,174.
  • Our facebook page gained 563 likes this year, bringing our total to 1,752.
  • Our foursquare page gained 421 followers this year, bringing our total to 2,255.
  • We wrote about our meals at 140 restaurants this year (89 WNY, 22 NYC, 13 Toronto, 11 Chicago, 4 Rochester, 1 Niagara Falls)
  • We added 28 new Buffalo Foodies this year, bringing our grant total to 97 since we started the feature in ’09.
  • It would take you 1 day, 19 hours, 5 minutes and 9 seconds to listen to all 50 episodes of our podcast Eat It Up.

A big thanks to: Every podcast guest that generously made room in their busy schedules for us, Christa Glennie Seychew, Buffalo.com, BuffaBLOG, My Buffalo Shirt, WGRZ, Lake Effect Ice Cream, Mike Andrezjewski, James Roberts, Perry’s Ice Cream, Steve Gedra, Social Media Club of Buffalo, Andrew Galarneau, Buffalo Spree Magazine, Taste of Buffalo, Lloyd Taco Trucks, Local Restaurant Week and everyone else whose helped us out this year.

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