Buffalo Foodies: Cinnamon Aluminum


Our friends at BuffaBLOG are throwing their 3rd Birthday Party at Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar on March 30th. In the weeks leading up to their concert, we are going to post some Buffalo Foodie articles featuring the Buffalo bands that are headlining the show.

Today we’re talking to Cinnamon Aluminum about their favorite places to eat and drink in Buffalo. This psych-rock band have been together since 2009 and have released a two albums and an EP over the years. They have a pretty unique sound that’s very avant garde/experimetal but can occasionally even be a little electronic. You’ll hear a variety of instruments on their tracks like synthesizers, saxophones and computer samples. Personally, I’ve been really enjoying their latest release “Is You Me (holy)”.

The band decided to answer their questions as a group, so here’s what Zach, Mike, Chris and Bill had to say……

Right now, where are your favorite places to eat in Buffalo?

CA: We eat lots of pho, especially from Pho 99. As in, “Pho sho I’ll get some pho, pho I have been drinking heavily”. Pho is also the beginning of the word “photosynthesis”, which is not only our newest single, but also how plants get their food. Have you ever had plants interviewed on this blog? You should. They get food from this really really super awesome place, it’s called the sun. Ever hear of it?

Where do you guys like to hang out and grab a drink?

CA: We like to hang out in front of bodegas and drink beers in bags, especially on Allen. The party is usually going on outside. Ever hang out with Rick on Allen, if you have then you know what we mean. Eventually we end up at the Pink at 2am.

What food memories do you have from growing up in Western New York?

CA: People have, in the past, told us fish is not a meat. Fish is a meat. Deal with it. There are also some fond memories of bringing lunch to school in Menudo lunch boxes. That’s back when Ricky Martin had it going on. We also really like the Ground Round. See the next question for more on that.

What cuisines or restaurants would you like to see more of in Buffalo?

CA: Bring Ground Round back. Fuck Applebees. We wanna enjoy our prime steak while Betty Boops boobs shake at us, and then play NeoGeo videogames in the lobby. Even if it’s not the Ground Round per se, someone should open a similar restaurant. We’d also like to see a laundromat/bar so we can get incredibly drunk while doing our laundry. You know, a laundrobar, suds n suds. And then we can play there and do a concept album about dirty laundry. It’ll be so trippy and insane. (Don’s note: I don’t even visit laundromats but I’d love a laundrobar, complete with retro arcade machines).



We’d like to thank the guys from Cinnamon Alumium for answering our questions and we definitely want to encourage everyone to check out their bandcamp page, like them on facebook or follow them on twitter. BuffaBLOG’s 3rd Birthday Party will start at 10pm on Saturday March 30th at Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar and will feature a bunch of great music, mark it on your calender now.


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