We Tried Perry’s New Summer Flavors

Photo From Perry's Ice Cream

Summer is slowly inching closer and with warmer weather comes seasonal hot dog stands, restaurants opening their patios and ice cream. If you’ve grown up in Western New York, it’s almost a given that you’ve had a few Perry’s ice cream cones at your neighborhood ice cream shop. Perry’s have some pretty exciting flavors they’ll be introducing this summer at ice cream stands and we were lucky enough to sample some of them. Here’s what you can look forward to tasting in the coming weeks and months…

Sponge Candy – By far this was our favorite flavor that we tried. Alli loved the caramel flavor ice cream with caramel sugar swirls and small pieces of sponge candy so much, that we drove to an ice cream stand last night to get more. The swirls of caramel gave the ice cream a lot of flavor and the pieces of sponge candy were small enough to eat without biting into a rock hard chunk of frozen chocolate. We’ll be ordering more of this in the coming months for sure.

Oh My, Cherry Pie! – A vanilla ice cream with cherry and graham cracker swirls. It sort of reminded me of cherry cheesecake. The pieces of graham cracker added a nice texture and I was shocked how soft and flaky they were.

Sponge Candy

Oh My, Cherry Pie

Lactose Free Vanilla – This flavor was the most intriguing because I just assumed it was going to be horrible. Luckily, I was completely wrong. I guess the best thing I can say about the flavor (and texture) is that it tastes just like regular Vanilla ice cream. Even though the ice cream is 99% lactose free, you really wouldn’t notice and I was pretty impressed.

Movie Time – This was a very interesting flavor, popcorn flavored ice cream with sea salt caramel swirls and caramel truffles. It’s pretty crazy how much the ice cream tastes like butter popcorn. It reminded me of the Butter Popcorn flavored Mike and Ikes. I’m not sure the flavor is exactly for me, the sea salt and caramel truffles were great and definitely helped offset the savory butter flavor, but it was still pretty intense. For little kids who want to try something crazy, I could see them getting a kick out of this flavor.

Queen of Hearts – This was the richest of any of the flavors we tried, dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls and fudge filled hearts. The dark chocolate and fudge were a little intimidating at first but the raspberry swirls had enough tart to cut through the rich chocolate. I’m not sure I could eat an entire cone of the stuff, but a couple bites here and there works for me. However, if you absolutely love dark chocolate, then this flavor is made for you.

Party Sandwich

Party Sandwiches – The last thing we sampled isn’t exactly a ice cream stand flavor but something new that Tommy and I actually got to try on our podcast visit back in November of last year. Their Party Sandwich is an ice cream sandwich with vanilla wafers and vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, which is my go to order at most ice cream stands. I know it’s not that exciting but I think it’s perfect, I devoured the six bars in no time. I have never been an ice cream sandwich guy, but these might be my new late night snack.

You can find most of these flavors at various ice cream stands now. If you want to find the closest shop that’s offering a specific flavor, you can use Perry’s Flavor Finder. We weren’t the only ones to try Perry’s new flavors, see what the folks at Buffalo.com thought of their new flavors here. Big thanks to Elena and the other folks at Perry’s for letting us have a sneak peak!

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4 Comments on “We Tried Perry’s New Summer Flavors”

  1. Ashley @ OurPersonalRecords
    April 24, 2013 at 10:31 am #

    Those all sound delicious!! Especially the ice cream sandwiches – a little twist on an old favorite!

  2. Donna
    April 24, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    I wanna know where I can get them?

  3. April 25, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    All I can day is life is a little better with a bowl, or cone, of Perry’s! One of the best things about WNY if you ask me!

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