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Today we are bringing back our Buffalo Foodie feature with an interview with Early Attic, one of our favorite local bands. Early Attic actually made their first appearance on Buffalo Eats last year when we used their song “Shadow” for episode 11 of Eat It Up. Since listening to their set at the 1st Annual BuffaBLOG Holiday party, we’ve become fans and have enjoyed listening to their sound evolve and grow with each new single they release. Right now the band is getting ready album release show for “Parallels” (cover below) on June 29th at Duke’s in Allentown and their performance at Donnaroo 2013 this week. We got a hold of Erik Eimiller (Drums, Vocals), Matt McCheskey (Keyboards, Vocals) and Brian Gorman (Bass) and asked them our usual questions about their favorite restaurants, food memories and more. Here’s what they had to say…

Right now, where are some of your favorite places to eat?

Erik: So many incredible restaurants in Buffalo. Too many to name. But I’ll throw five out there. Sea Bar, Hutch’s, Oliver’s, Tempo, and the Boston Hotel in Boston (my all-time favorite). If you like shell fish, go to the Boston Hotel on a Monday night and just binge eat on all the shell fish you can fit into your stomach. Incredible prices (a dozen clams for $1.50), snow crab, lobster dainties. My personal record is 95 clams. Gross, but so great!

Matt: Poppyseed in Blasdell, they’ve got the best vegetarian chili this side of the Mississippi. Bella’s Pizza is really good but I don’t know if you can take my word for it, because my favorite pizza is from McDonald’s.

Brian: I eat way too much Vasilis Express. Wraps are great because you can shove all the terrible things you want into them and have less guilt than eating a cheeseburger.  Speaking of cheeseburgers, the Huey, Louis, Andouille at Cole’s is my arch nemesis.

Where do you like to grab drinks with friends?

Erik: My back yard, with a bonfire. But if it’s raining, I’d probably take them to Pearl Street Grill. Great atmosphere, bar games, lodge-y feel if you’re on the right floor. Although it does get quite crowded. I’m more of a pub guy. My favorite pub in Buffalo is Founding Fathers, talk about a great atmosphere; not to mention quite educational. Awesome place. Both Pearl Street Grill and Brewery and Founding Fathers’ Pub are Buffalo staples. They’ve both got good food as well if you’re hungry.

Matt: Erik’s back yard

Brian: I love any place that has live music so I can talk to my friends less. Duke’s, Tudor Lounge, Neitzsche’s. I haven’t been to Erik’s back yard yet, but it’s nice to know you two have parties without me.

If you had a friend visiting WNY, where would you take them?

Erik: We’d have to get some wings for sure. There are a number of great places for wings in the Buffalo area, but to take them out for a three course meal, any of the five restaurants I named before depending on what my guests would be in the mood for.

Matt: What’s up Allentown!!!!  PARTY…AHHH…what, no credit cards? Let’s go to Erik’s back yard.

Brian: Has any band ever made it through this answer without mentioning chicken wings? Because they can go right to hell. Side note – our old practice space was right down the street from Anchor Bar and we ate there all the time. Suck it haters.

What are some food memories you have from your childhood?

Erik: My dad taking the entire family to the Boston Hotel when we were kids. The original one burned down. It was such a great place. So much character. But luckily, they were able to convert their other restaurant across the street to the new Boston Hotel. More important than the walls and floors and ceilings is the food and the people you’re with, it’s still the Boston Hotel.

Matt: Long John Silvers. I miss you

Brian: Getting curly fries and Loganberry at Rick’s Drive In out on Rt. 5 was always a treat. I think that place is a car dealership now. If Citizen Kane was about me, I would be muttering “Loganberry” right before death.

What other restaurants or cuisines would you like to see in Western New York?

Erik: Pretty much whatever Mike Andrzejewski can come up with. From Sea Bar, to Mike A’s, to Cantina Loco…The guy can just do no wrong. Best Chef in Buffalo, best mind for food and atmosphere in Buffalo, hands down.

Matt: Long John Silvers.

Brian: I grew up in Rochester and I can’t believe Buffalo hasn’t fully embraced the Garbage Plate yet. There are a couple places in town you can grab one, University Hots on Main (WHY DID YOU CLOSE ON ELMWOOD YOU BASTARDS!) and Bill Gray’s out in Amherst. I don’t do much stumbling in Amherst, so someone in the downtown area needs to step up their game. This interview is making me realize I eat nothing but crap.

Early Attic - album front


We’d like to thank the guys at Early Attic for answering our questions and suggest that you check out their bandcamp page, follow them on facebook or head over to Duke’s on June 29th to pick up a copy of “Parallels” and catch a great show.


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