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I met DJ YourMoms (aka Josh) a couple years ago at a bachelor party, at the time he had put his DJ-ing ways on hiatus but he mentioned that he was getting an itch to get back into it. A couple months later I started seeing him posting on facebook that he was starting to make some DJ appearances downtown. That was a couple years ago and DJ YourMoms has continued to play sets at almost any Allentown bar you can think of, along with some Chippewa spots and even The Golden Key.  He’s also been working with our buddies and former Buffalo Foodies, Spooky Business and has been DJ-ing several of their parties (pictured above is YourMoms DJing at Allen St with Fear and Loathing playing behind him).

Since most of our conversations revolve around places to eat downtown, I thought Josh would be a perfect Buffalo Foodie candidate. Here’s what he had to say about his favorite places to eat, drink and hang out in Buffalo….

Where did the name DJ YourMoms come from?

DJ YM: I took up DJ-ing sometime around 1998.  In 2001 a friend of mine asked me to DJ at a party she was throwing in NYC. When she asked me what my name was, so she could list me on the flyer, I told her “put your ****** moms on the flyer.” It was a private joke between my friends and I as a smart-ass reply to just about anything.  Hilarious, right?

So I played at the party and did pretty well.  When people came up to me afterwards and asked me who iI was, I kind of had no recourse except to say “your moms”. People got a kick out of it and it’s stuck ever since. So now I’m 30 years old and I have this ultra juvenile moniker. The upside is that it still produces some pretty awkward and funny conversations when people reference me.

Right now, where are some of your favorite places to eat?

DJ YM: Lately, whenever I decide to go out to eat I try to visit someplace new.  I feel like there are so many good restaurants popping up that I haven’t tried. I’ve heard good things about Madonna’s on Franklin and Allen. I’ve been to Epic at least two dozen times but never for dinner, so that’s on my list as well. The new place that opened on the corner of Normal and Connecticut (Martin Cooks at Horsefeathers) is intriguing to me, especially since I grew up two blocks from there. I’d like to check out Mike A’s new Italian endeavor, although I normally don’t go to Italian restaurants because I just can’t see ordering anything like noodles and red sauce. But I’m sure Tappo is light years beyond all that.

I’ve been to Kaydara a few times because my girlfriend cant get enough of their crispy egg noodle dish they have. I like sushi and I order from Tokyo Shanghai Bistro a lot because it’s close to my apartment and they have a huge menu. Sometimes I wonder whether there’s a cultural conflict grouping Japanese and Chinese food into the same establishment, but whatever.. I’ll let it go.  I like the Rainbow Roll and my better half recommends the Sweet Potato Roll.  Empire Grill is great and that’s aside from their famous brunch.

Where do you like to grab drinks and hangout with friends on the weekend?

DJ YM: For me, the mood and feel of a room that’s created by the lighting and decor is going to draw me more than anything else. I like Lenox for those reasons and because I worked there years ago, before the restaurant was re-opened. I also like Founding Fathers, mainly because of Owner/Bartender Mike Driscoll. I’m sure you know, but if anyone reading this article hasn’t sat at that bar for at least 30 minutes, they might want to reconsider calling themselves Buffalonians.

If you had a friend visiting from out of town, where would you take them for a good “Buffalo” time?

DJ YM: For dinner I’d be inclined to take someone to SeaBar. I love the super-mod lighting and the decor. The restaurant feels really open and intimate at the same time. Anytime someone brings up SeaBar, we always wind up talking about the Beef On Weck Roll.  I love it personally but I think (or at least hope) its a metaphor for the city itself. It’s a dish that is fresh and innovative while at the same time being an homage to Buffalo’s roots.  I want to say (but also don’t want to say) that I’d have to drag an out-of-towner down Allen St on a Saturday night and wind up at The Pink, but no earlier than 3:17am. Hopefully Lloyd Taco Truck would fit in somewhere. The Taste of Buffalo would be good feature because it shows what diversity we’ve got and that it’s actually pretty difficult to get a bad meal in this town.

What are some of your favorite food memories from your childhood?

DJ YM: When I was a kid my parents would take us to Gramma Mora’s back when it was still on Niagara St, we lived pretty close to there. They have this side dish called Sopa de Fideo which is, I believe, re-fried noodles and I couldn’t get enough of it. I would have them make it for me as an entrée. The restaurant is on Hertel Ave now, but last time I went there the food was exactly the same and that’s why it’s still great for me.  The leftovers also make great breakfast the next day.  Ted’s Hot Dogs used to have a place on Porter Ave that my sister and I went to as kids. We’d get footlong hotdogs with everything and this tangled wad of breading and vegetable they called Onion Rings, Loganberry on the side. I remember having to be pretty vigilant fending off the seagulls, they are some bold animals.

What types of restaurants or cuisines would you like to see more of in Buffalo?

DJ YM: I think Buffalo has just about anything I can think of as far as restaurants. I want more of what I cant think of.  I feel chefs in this town are getting more creative and daring and I hope it continues.  I like how the bars in restaurants are becoming more boutique-ey (might not be a word), like what they are doing at Vera Pizza. I hope that spreads and I hope to find out where they get those giant ice cube trays (Don’s edit: right here buddy).


We’d like to thank Josh for taking time to answer our questions and we recommend that you follow him on twitter to see when he’ll be performing next. On August 17th he’ll be playing DBGB’s around 10pm, so if you’re in the Allentown area you should definitely stop by.


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