Quick Bite: Crow’s Nest Tavern


Somehow after two years of working here, I still haven’t eaten at every restaurant in Getzville. So I figured I’d cross off one of the last restaurants on my list when I met my Dad for lunch last week. My co-workers have hosted a couple happy hours at the Crow’s Nest over the years and described the place as a dive-y bar that happened to serve a really great fish fry, which honestly sounds like a lot of bars throughout Western New York.

When I walked into the restaurant on a Friday for lunch I was surprised. It’s not really a dive but more of a home-y, family run bar and restaurant (they remodeled in 2010). There have an old school jukebox, only take cash, have large laminated menus, old advertisements on the walls and ridiculously cheap draft specials ($1.50 a glass!). My Dad really liked it and I thought it was a perfect place for a happy hour.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Bar and Restaurant
  • Cuisine: Pub Food, Seafood
  • Location: Getzville
  • Prices: Sandwiches $7-10, Apps $4-9

They are probably most known for their fish fry, but my Dad and I decided to try other offerings that day. They actually have a bigger than expected seafood menu; along with the typical fried options they also have clams, oysters, scallops and crab cakes. I decided to take advantage of this seafood menu and ordered their fried oyster Po Boy, something that you’d usually only find on menus of Cajun restaurants (Shango, Chesters). The roll was toasted nicely, it had just enough Cajun mayo (not slathered but still tasty) and a decent amount of fried oysters. That said, they oysters were battered pretty thick, which covered up a lot of the flavor. It doesn’t compare to Shango but for $9 it was a decent deal.

Fried Oyster Po Boy

Chicken Finger Salad

My Dad ordered one of his favorite dishes, a Chicken Finger Salad ($8). It was exactly what you’d expect, three chicken fingers that were placed on a pile of lettuce. Not exactly the most creative dish, obviously. My Dad enjoyed the fingers but didn’t pay too much attention to the lackluster salad.

For a quick and cheap lunch, it’s not a terrible option. Even though we visited on a Friday, it was pretty quiet inside and we had no problem grabbing a table. Our server was friendly, the food and check came out in a timely manner (a big deal when on lunch at work) and everything was edible. I’m not exactly craving that oyster po boy on a regular basis, but if I was in the mood for a fish fry (they looked pretty good) at work, I’d probably consider going back and grabbing a seat at the bar by myself.

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