Buffalo Foodies: Del Paxton


I have been listening to Del Paxton’s debut EP since the day it came out. No joke, I’ve listened to the entire six song EP about a dozen times and it’s probably my favorite album out right now. Their sound brings back so many high school memories with their sound that can remind me of my former emo ways. Their songs can remnd me of Alkaline Trio, Appleseed Cast and even American Football for a moment or two. For just three guys, their songs still can still have a big sound. I’m not the best at describing our musical guests, so I highly suggest you go to their bandcamp page and check out their album for yourself (it’s free, c’mon). I’m looking forward to going out and seeing them perform at their next show, that’s how much I love this album right now. If you’d like to read a better reason why you should listen to this album, check out Nick Sessanna’s post on BuffaBLOG right now. They just named it album of the week.

Anyways, we got a hold of the guys from Del Paxton and asked them about their favorite places to eat and drink in WNY. Here’s what Dylan England, Zack Schoedel, and Greg McClure had to say……

Right now, where are your favorite places to eat?

Dylan: I have quite a few ‘favorites’ as far as restaurants go. Sun Foods on Niagara is definitely up there. That Burmese curry, Kyit Thar Aloo Hin is great, and its like nine bucks. Sterling on Hertel ave has the best burger I’ve EVER had, hands down. Niagara Cafe is the shit. Oh and I’d be willing to bet that Bistro Europa will probably never be bad, ever.

Greg: Lloyds forever and always! I love trying new things, I heard a lot about this company called English Pork Pie Co (aka Pie Mad) from a friend. They are an up and coming family owned business in Buffalo. I ate one of their “Buffalo Pot Pies” and fell in love with them instantly. I’m really cheering for them, their food is great and they seem like some nice, talented, and hardworking people. For chicken wings, hands down the best are at this little dive bar in South Buffalo called Nine Eleven Tavern. Their menu is tiny, service can be a little stand offish, and décor is from a swanky 70’s film… It’s awesome.

Zach: I’m a big Lloyd’s fan. Wasabi is an excellent sushi place on Elmwood with a $7 lunch special including any 2 rolls of your choice and miso soup can’t beat that. I’m going to Wasabi literally once I’m done writing this.

Where are your favorite places to grab a drink?

Dylan: Drinks with friends…. I’d say it used to be Essex, but now you get a six dollar ginger ale with a splash of bellows. If my friends aren’t pinching pennies I’d say Vera Pizzeria. The bartender gave me a flower to eat that made my head go numb and my drink taste really awesome. Can’t really get that experience anywhere else. Oh and the Pink of course, obviously. Still been meaning to do a Hertel bar crawl…. maybe that’s next? haha

Greg: Sometimes on the weekend I feel like the bars are competing to see who can play the shittiest remix loudest. You can find me at Essex St. Pub and The Pink where the music is still loud, but at least it’s a mixture of sloppy punk and 90s alt rock. On the weekdays I try to hit up The Blue Monk for some microbrew action and Thursdays at Epic they have GREAT jazz and an adorable bar tender who already knows I’m feeling nostalgic for an Ithaca “Flower Power” (Ithaca is my hometown).

Zach: I don’t go out to bars much, but Epic is cool place to check out jazz on some Thursday nights. Essex St. Pub is cool. Much cheaper to just buy 30 racks of Bud Light Lime from 7-11 and drink alone at home though.

If you had a friend visiting from out of town, where would you take them for a good “Buffalo” time?

Dylan: Blue Monk is a good out of town spot for friends. Great beer selection, pretty good food, bitchin patio. I guess all of those spots like Cole’s, Liberty Hound and whatnot are usually good crowd pleasers.

Greg: In fact, I recently took my friend around and we got the lunch special at Wasabi on Elmwood Ave. We sat under the shaded patio and pretended to not watch the hipster girls bopping around Spot Coffee.

Zach: My idea of a good Buffalo time is going out to a Sabres game and grabbing a bite to eat at Pearl St. Grill beforehand.

What are some food memories you have from your childhood?

Dylan: Food memories in my house were all from my mom and grandma. Every Sunday was a feast of pasta. My mom cooked almost every night too, so we really didn’t eat out much when I was a kid, but that definitely kick started things for me as far as trying new foods and cooking my own meals. Also, before high school my friends and I would go to a diner and drink shitty coffee so I’ll always have a penchant for that. Nick’s on Amherst has been filling that void.

Greg: As a kid the only thing I remember being more exciting than Friday night pizza, was the random breakfast for dinner night my parents seldom-ly threw into the mix. When I moved out on my own I took breakfast for dinner night to an unhealthy level. I’m no nutritionist but I know a balanced meal should have more colors than yellow and brown in it, so I usually make sure I eat it off of a colorful plate.

Zach: To answer this question 100% honestly, my favorite food memories in Buffalo are eating mustard and bologna sandwiches at my grandmother’s house in Lovejoy as a young kid…and washing them down with ginger ale. My parents never let us kids drink any carbonated beverages or watch cable TV at home, so going to grandma’s house was kind of like a little garden of Eden at the time. Now, I drink whatever carbonated beverages I want, whenever I want to.

What other restaurants and cuisines would you like to see more of in Buffalo?

Dylan: As far as food I’d like to see more of, there’s this sweet company called Pie Mad out of South Buffalo (the same folks as English Pork Pie Co.) that does authentic English meat pies. I think that’s pretty awesome. A new Burmese restaurant to compete with Sun would be awesome and hilarious.

Greg: We need more Mexican options. I understand that all the Pizza joints sell tacos here. That is definitely a Western New York thing btw. I’d love a good authentic Mexican restaurant that leaves my mouth burning. I would like to see more people visit new restaurants or try new companies trying to make a name for themselves.

Zach: I’ve heard that a Dinosaur BBQ is in the works as part of the Theater District redevelopment plan. I’d be a happy camper if that were the case!


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