Food Porn: Monte Alban

The Truck - Monte Alban

A few weeks ago I traveled to Medina with the Lloyd guys in an attempt to try Monte Alban’s taco stand. It didn’t work out because the taco stand was closed for a wedding, but we managed to have some really good tacos down the street at a second taco stand (El Gran Burrito). I didn’t want to wait long to make the long trip back to Medina, so last weekend I made another taco run after some apple picking at the lovely LynOaken Farms.

This taco truck/stand really doesn’t stand out from the road so it’s easy to pass it by. All you can see from the road is an open window on a long, white trailer. There is no sign, they don’t have a printed menu and they have only a single picnic table for outdoor dining. They also don’t make it that easy to eat there for those not in the immediate area. The hours for the taco stand (different then the store) are Friday through Sunday from 11am (ish) to 6 (ish) and it’s cash only. There is an indoor eating area with several tables, some napkins and a television that was playing a Spanish version of MTV.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Outdoor Taco Stand
  • Location: Medina
  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Prices: Torta $5, Tacos $8 for 5 (or so)

Flight of Tacos - Monte Alban

The menu is simple: tacos and tortas (sandwiches). You have to ask what meats they are offering that day as they seem to change based on what they have on hand. On this particular day they were serving chorizo, al pastor (a sweet pork), beef, chicken and pork. I asked for one of each and ended up with 7 tacos and a couple doubles. The English of the women working on the truck is limited, so expect some mistakes. The tacos are prepared in the traditional Mexican style with the meat chopped into small pieces and served on a small tortilla with just onion and cilantro. Some of the tacos were great, specifically the chorizo and al pastor. The chorizo had nice heat while the al pastor was tender and sweet. However, the chicken, pork and beef were dry and chewy. After adding some hot sauce, the tacos improved slightly, but I was still a bit disappointed.

Al Pastor Torta - Monte Alban

Our friend Andrew Galarneau emphasized how good the tortas are, so we ordered an al pastor one. It was pretty much a Mexican sub, served on a toasted roll with meat, lettuce, refried beans and some soft queso blanco. As with the tacos, the al pastor was sweet and tender, if I had ordered beef or chicken the torta probably would not have been as good. It’s not exactly a mind blowing sandwich or something that couldn’t be recreated, but I would definitely order one again if I happened to be in the area.

We left Monte Alban only party satisfied and still hungry, so we traveled a couple feet down the 31 to El Gran Burrito and ordered a quesadilla and some more tacos. In comparison, I think the flavor of the standard chicken/pork/beef tacos at El Gran are much more complex and interesting. Not to mention that the do-it-yourself spicy red sauce and avocado sauce at El Gran are really fantastic. If I had to choose between the two taco stands, El Gran Burrito would definitely win.

I’ve read reviews online that have mentioned more exotic meats (brain, ‘headmeat’, tongue) available for tacos at Monte Alban, but unfortunately those weren’t available on our trip. It’s still fun going to a taco stand that not many people know about to have an authentic Mexican meal, but if you are making the trip to Medina make sure it’s not just for these tacos.

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Author:The NHL Challenge

I really love food and I love living in the city of Buffalo. I'm here to talk about both of those things.


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6 Comments on “Food Porn: Monte Alban”

  1. Lia
    October 14, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    Wow. Usually, I agree with your reviews, but you really missed the mark here. I went with a friend a few weeks ago after reading about the store (and truck) in the Buffalo News, and my friend, who lived in CA and knows his tacos said these were by far the best he’d had on this side of the country. I had to agree. I had chorizo and al pastor, and his torta disappeared so fast I didn’t get a chance to try it, but we’re already planning our next trip there.

    Too, I didn’t have any trouble communicating with the women working the truck — and I find your comment to “expect some mistakes” pretty disrespectful.

    • Alli Suriani
      October 14, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

      I’m sorry you feel that way but disrespectful? Not at all. We don’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak much English. Due to the communication barrier mistakes with orders happen. We didn’t complain just noted it. We had mistakes as well as others eating with us and I think it was because of the language barrier on both sides. Also we said the torta was great as well as the al pastor taco. The rest of the meat was a bit dry and everyone in our party that day felt the same. It’s just our opinion. We just like el gram burrito better. Have you tried it?

      • Alli Suriani
        October 14, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

        El gran burrito*

  2. Lia
    October 14, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    You said “They English of the women working on the truck is limited, so expect some mistakes.” (typo in your original). I’m not sure how else to interpret it. I guess I will chalk this up to eh, whatever. One more comment, which I am sure you’ll also ignore: the use of the word “porn” in your posts is really off-putting.

    • Alli Suriani
      October 14, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

      I was very nice in my reply to your first rude comment…so I don’t understand the need for a second rude comment. First of all, interpret what we said literally because that is how we meant it. They speak limited English, we speak limited to no Spanish. They had a hard time with our order and made a few mistakes, DUE TO THE LANGUAGE BARRIER. How is anyway is that disrespectful? It’s not at all and we in no way said anything wrong. A language barrier is a language barrier is a language barrier. We just stated what happened to us and others with us and also with other people we know who have been there previously. Maybe I should have said “due to a language barrier, there may be some mistakes” Its no one’s fault, we didnt complain, it wasnt a big deal but felt it should be noted. Again, Im sorry you felt there was disrespect but there was none at all. Second, what are we ignoring? I replied to your first comment. Third, and most important, we have been calling our posts Food Porn FOR FIVE YEARS, since the blog started….clearly we dont care if it scares some people away because its worked in our favor for a LONG TIME. So if you find it off putting then why are you a reader?

  3. Jenna Gervase
    October 15, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    In Buffalo Eats’ defense the term food porn is not a term that only they use. I work for a restaurant that was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives, a popular food network tv show and the entire production staff frequently used the term food porn during the several days they filmed at my establishment. If you take such extreme offense at the term perhaps you should avoid the foodie culture altogether.

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