Recap: Omakase Buffalo “Harvest”


It’s been a few months since the last Omakase Buffalo event and we’ve been getting antsy. Considering this a secret underground dining club, you never know when you are going to get an email or if you’ve even missed an event. We’ve been very lucky, we’ve attended four of the first five events and enjoyed every one of them. So when we got an email a couple weeks ago from “Ronin,” we were very excited.

Per Omakase rules, I can’t tell you who the Chefs were for the event and I can’t tell you where the dinner took place. I can confirm that we were on a beautiful farm that produces some of the best produce in Western New York and the meal incorporated ingredients that were sourced almost solely from that farm. We also enjoyed some adult beverages from local wineries and breweries.

So many veggies

Country Style Buttermilk Biscuit, Maple Glazed Pork Shoulder.

The event started with some small bites; maple glazed pork shoulder on tiny buttermilk biscuits (above), bites of ham with red eye mustard and pickled green tomato, and a delicious bisque of squash that was topped with bourbon marshmallows. Yes, bourbon marshmallows. We then went on a tour of the farm with the owner who pulled some veggies out of the ground and let us have a couple bites. Eating a raw carrot right out of the dirt was an interesting but delicious experience.

We walked back to the farm house and grabbed a seat at one of the two long communal tables inside. Our first course was a kale salad topped with beets, pickled shallots, a boiled egg and a ‘warm bacon vinaigrette’. The second course was the star of the show, a big bowl of chicken and dumplings. I’ve never had a proper bowl of chicken and dumplings prior to Omakase and I now feel like I’ve been missing out my entire life. Funny enough, a couple weeks ago I had just watched Chef Sean Brock and his Mom making Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings on Mind of a Chef and was really craving a bowl. What we tried at Omakase was not as simple; the dumplings were made with green onion and creme fraiche and the chicken gravy was loaded with delicious vegetables. It was a little chilly that afternoon on the farm, but this bowl completely warmed everyone up. Our meal was finished with a simple dessert of pears and apples with some granola and whipped cream.

The entire event was really fantastic; the food was great, the beer was flowing and the venue was beautiful. We are already big proponents of eating local and buying local produce and meat, but this lunch really reinforced the reasons why we do it. In case you haven’t noticed, these events are pretty fun and if you consider yourself a ‘foodie’ then you should be applying to attend the next Omakase Buffalo event right now. Judging from the rumors we’ve heard about potential future dinners, it sounds like 2014 will be a pretty exciting year for Omakase. Get on board.

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