Nickel City Chef Season Six Match-ups Announced!!!


We absolutely love Nickel City Chef. Without a doubt it’s the best food event in Buffalo. Last year Alli and I were incredibly lucky to run the social media for all four Nickel City Chef events. It was a little chaotic running around and trying to live tweet/facebook the entire event but it meant that we had front row seats for some amazing competitions. The events have created a cult following, the shows sell out within hours (some within minutes) and the series even has its own cookbook.

We are super excited to be the first to announce this years match-ups, featuring four new challengers. The official dates for each match up hasn’t been announced yet, but the four events will take place on 2/23, 3/9, 3/23, and 4/6 at Artisan Kitchens and Bath on Amherst St.

Nickel City Chef Adam Goetz of CRAVing versus Challenging Chef Jeff Cooke of Osteria 166.

About Chef Goetz: After spending over six years in Allentown at Sample Restaurant, Adam Goetz opened CRAVing on Hertel Ave. along with his wife Jen this April. The move/change of scenery has allowed Adam to experiment more with the menu, offer a large selection of daily specials and open up the restaurant for lunch and brunch service. CRAVing has been a big hit in North Buffalo and in July received 8 plates from Andrew Galarneau. This will be Adam’s seventh competition.

About Chef Cooke: After spending some time in the casino dining world, Jeff Cooke became the Executive Chef of the newly opened Osteria 166 this June. Since opening, Osteria 166 has become a popular lunch and dinner option for people in the downtown area. Jeff and his staff are offering red sauce classics along with more progressive options (everyone should try the potted pig) and have done a great job keeping people downtown even after Happy Hour ends. On top of being a talented chef, Jeff also has some musical chops. In fact, he just was named the 2013 Best Original Bassist in WNY last week.

Nickel City Chef JJ Richert of Torches versus Challenging Chef Lennon Lewandowski of Oliver’s.

About Chef Richert: The Richert brothers are starting to create a bit of a restaurant empire in WNY. Torches has been a successful fine dining restaurant in Kenmore for the past several years and more recently they’ve opened Smoke On The Water and The Garage Deli. Out of all four of the Nickel City Chefs, JJ is without a doubt the biggest showman. Whether its carving a beer mug out of a solid piece of ice or cooking a 20 lb lobster, you know you’ll be in for a good time. This will be JJ’s seventh competition.

About Chef Lewandowski: Holding the title “Executive Chef at Oliver’s” comes with a certain status in WNY. If you look at the previous chefs to have held that title, many have gone on to do great things in Buffalo’s restaurant scene. Lennon took over the role several years ago at a young age and has continued the high standards of one of the city’s best fine dining establishments.

Nickel City Chef Jennifer Boye of The Mansion on Delaware versus Challenging Chef Michael Dimmer of The Black Market Food Truck.

About Chef Boye: After spending a couple years as the Executive Chef at Fiddleheads, Chef Boye took the Executive Chef position at the Mansion on Delaware. Those who are lucky enough to spend a night or book a special event will have the privilege of eating from one of the best Chef’s in WNY. Last year was Jen’s first as a Nickel City Chef, although she competed two years before as a challenger against Krista Van Wagner. This will be Jen’s third competition (second as a Nickel City Chef).

About Chef Dimmer: Along with co-owner Christian Willmott, Chef Dimmer has vastly improved Buffalo’s Food Truck scene with their gourmet deli on wheels, The Black Market Food Truck. After working in all facets of the restaurant world, going to culinary school and running a catering company, Mike and Christian knew they had to open their own business. It’s been fun to watch the food on the truck evolve over the last year and I’m looking forward to seeing what will be on the menu in 2014 and beyond.

Nickel City Chef Brian Mietus of Bacchus versus Challenging Chef Corey Kley of Rue Franklin.

About Chef Mietus: After growing up in his Mom’s hot dog stand, Brian made his way into culinary school and worked in great restaurants around the United States. He’s been the Executive Chef at Bacchus since 2005. He recently became the sole owner and has made great improvements to the restaurant and has made Bacchus a true dining destination. This will be Brian’s fourth competition (third as a Nickel City Chef).

About Chef Kley: Rue Franklin is a Buffalo institution and Chef Kley has been there for the last nine years. After getting some serious schooling at Paul Smith’s College and Le Cordon Bleu (Paris), Corey came back to Buffalo to work at Warren’s and Zuzon’s (both closed). Just last year Corey and his wife Cheryl purchased Rue Franklin from the long time owners and have promised to change absolutely nothing. After reading through some of our podcasts guests favorite meals from 2013, it seems like that’s been a good plan.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday, January 3rd at at 9 am sharp. You will want to make sure you buy tickets as soon as you possibly can because they will sell out quickly. Season Four and Five both sold out in less then a couple hours.


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