FoodNation with Bobby Flay

FoodNation with Bobby Flay aired on the Food Network from 2000 to 2005.   The premise of the show was having their well known TV chef Bobby Flay travel to various cities and try out/showcase their local specialities.  Well on 4/23/2002 Food Network aired a FoodNation episode that was all about our favorite city, Buffalo.  By accident I came across the episode on youTube, so watch below.  Note: It’s been heavily edited by the uploader, so some parts are completely cut out.

The episode features:

  • Charlie the Butcher: this video has edited out Bobby Flay going into the actual location, but they mention it.
  • Anchor Bar: Bobby talks to owner Ivano Toscani and tries out some wings
  • Fowlers: Bobby talks about Sponge Candy and they show how it’s made.
  • Olivers: you see then head chef Mike Andrezjewski (now owner of Sea Bar) cook up some locally caught Rabbit
  • Tom Stahl and the Dangerfields: this band appears in several of the restaurants and uploaded the video itself.

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